Blue Force Sabers The Dark King Lightsaber (LOTR Witch King Inspired) | New Saber Alert

Blue Force Sabers The Dark King Lightsaber (Sauron Inspired)

Blue Force Sabers The Dark King Lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber, a mashup design, is inspired by the Witch King, Sauron’s second-in-command, from the Lord of the Rings series. Like the company’s previously released Survivor lightsaber, The Dark King Lightsaber exterior is mostly aluminum cast. Blue Force Sabers offers the bold and aggressive … Read more

DC Sabers Sovran Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

DC Sabers Sovran Lightsaber

DC Sabers Sovran Lightsaber, a custom saber, is an original design featuring a scorched steel emitter shroud along with an overall weathered found parts design aesthetic. A limited first run of 10 hilts, the Sovran Lightsaber is available as an installed pixel saber with a Proffieboard v2.2 soundboard. DC Sabers began accepting pre-orders for Sovran … Read more

DC Sabers Knight of Gondor Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

DC Sabers Knight of Gondor lightsaber

The DC Sabers Knight of Gondor lightsaber, a custom saber with a Lord of the Rings theme, is weathered and etched with the Tree of Gondor and inscribed with motivational quotations from the Gondor archives. The LOTR lightsaber is available as an empty hilt (for DIY) or as an installed sound saber (neopixel or in-hilt … Read more

Vader’s Vault Lightsaber Weathering Examples: Light, Medium, Heavy, Savage and Relic Weathering

Vader’s Vault offers an extensive selection of weathering options for their custom sabers, ranging from the nuanced Light Weathering to up to extreme Savage Weathering and Relic Weathering. If you have any questions about the Vader’s Vault lightsaber weathering options, contact Vader’s Vault directly. Vader’s Vault Let’s take a closer look at the five … Read more

Vader’s Vault Relic Weathering Explained

Relic Weathering is the most extreme level of lightsaber weathering offered by the custom saber company Vader’s Vault. A lightsaber with Relic Weathering looks like an ancient antique with a heavily rusted appearance. Vader’s Vault website Relic Weathering make a lightsaber look like an extremely old and neglected historical artifact, as if the lightsaber … Read more