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Blue Force Sabers The Dark King Lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber, a mashup design, is inspired by the Witch King, Sauron’s second-in-command, from the Lord of the Rings series. Like the company’s previously released Survivor lightsaber, The Dark King Lightsaber exterior is mostly aluminum cast. Blue Force Sabers offers the bold and aggressive Dark King lightsaber, a limited run, as an empty hilt (for display or DIY) or as an installed pixel saber (weathered or unweathered). The company expects to end production on the saber in late December 2022 with orders shipping to customers shortly after.

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Blue Force Sabers The Dark King Lightsaber (cast metal)
Blue Force Sabers The Dark King Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Blue Force Sabers

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The Dark King lightsaber is created from five solid metal parts! The outer clawed emitter section, switch section, and mace-like pommel are crafted from cast aluminum A356. Casting enables the hilt to exude a detailed, intricate, and cohesive exterior. A custom core is sized to fit the saber. Finally The One Ring accent, situated in the upper part of the grip section, is steel cast. Five retention screws secure the exterior pieces to the interior custom core. Hilt measures a whopping 18 inches long (457.2 mm) and about 2.87 in wide (73 mm)

Blue Force Sabers offers The Dark King Lightsaber three ways: empty hilt (no electronics, weathering, or wrap), installed pixel saber (non-weathered with wrap), or installed pixel saber (weathered with wrap). Blue Force Sabers uses chemical weathering to accomplish the weathered look. Genuine black leather wrap is sourced from eBay seller defconbird.

The installed pixel saber version operates using a removable XenoPixel Core pre-installed with 34 sound fonts including a custom Sauron sound font by Blue Force Sabers. Pixel saber features include: saber scroll effect, blaster bolt deflect, clash and swing effects, tip drag effect, lockup, track music, etc. Additionally, the chassis features three RGB LEDs enabling the wielder to illuminate static blade plugs (i.e. non-pixel blade plugs) within the emitter. Pixel sabers include a 1 inch diameter, 36 inch long pixel blade.

Blue Force Sabers (Etsy) affiliate link
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