lightsaber emitter claw

What is a lightsaber emitter claw? | Lightsaber Terminology

A lightsaber claw is a design element comprised of one or several pieces of jagged that are usually attached near the top of the lightsaber in the emitter area. The Count Dooku style lightsaber hilt is a famous example of a clawed emitter. Ultimate Work’s The Lord is a Count Dooku style curved-hilt lightsaber, featuring one single claw in the emitter area.

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Lightsaber claws, due to their jagged appearance and association with animal predators, are most commonly used with dark side or Sith Lord lightsaber hilts.

Sometimes the claw will be permanently attached to the hilt itself. Other times, claws will be removable from the saber hilt. Removable claws allow the user to customize or change around the look of the hilt more easily. Removing lightsaber claws can also make the hilt safer for dueling.

Lightsaber claws, bold and aggressive in nature, are a popular lightsaber feature that adds some dark side flair to a lightsaber hilt.


What is your favorite lightsaber hilt featuring a clawed emitter?

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