Sith Holocron with Light and Sound | from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

The Sith Holocron with Light and Sound is a collectible, pyramid-shaped device that’s exclusively available at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and Disney World. According to Star Wars lore, a holocron is a palm-sized ancient information receptacle utilized by both Jedi Knights and Sith Lords. As a security measure, … Read more

Sith Chalice from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Everything You Need to Know

Sith Chalice from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

The Sith Chalice is a high-end, dark side themed collector’s item exclusively available at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. The display piece is based on a Sith meditation incense burner used during ancient Sith rituals. Disney sells the collector’s item/accent decor piece at Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. The item first became available in 2019 for … Read more

Phoenix Props Jedi Killer Lightsaber Unveiled | New Saber Alert

Phoenix Props Jedi Killer lightsaber is now open for pre-orders. The single-hilt custom saber, inspired by the design of a Kylo Ren concept lightsaber (TFA), features a black finish, an exposed crystal chamber, and a red wire running down the hilt. Phoenix Props Jedi Killer Pre-Order Form [GOOGLE DOC] The pre-ordering window for the limited … Read more

Ultrasabers Raven Lightsaber Hilt Review | LONG Claws

Ultrasabers Raven lightsaber

The Ultrasabers Raven lightsaber hilt features an aggressive Sith vibe, featuring a mostly black body and a set of three long, imposing, Wolverine-like claws in the emitter section. The Raven lightsaber features longer claws than any other Ultrasabers hilt design. The custom saber is inspired by the Sith Stalker hilt from The Force Unleashed video … Read more

Saberforge Cyber Assassin Lightsaber (Flat, Curved-Hilt) | New Saber Alert

Saberforge unveiled the Cyber Assassin lightsaber, a flat, curved-hilt lightsaber with a futuristic and sinister vibe. The unorthodox custom saber design features a sleek, minimalistic, utilitarian sensibility with dark side overtones. Saberforge founder Phil Isherwood describes the new Saberforge Cyber Assassin, as a “futuristic mass produced sidearm for warriors of the far future…or the distant … Read more

Saberforge Fury Lightsaber Hilt Full Review | Weathered Finish

Saberforge Fury lightsaber

The Saberforge Fury lightsaber is an aggressive and edgy dark side style lightsaber. Fury, which is an Elite Saber, has three finish options: standard (two-toned black and metallic silver colored), black (solid black), or weathered (a ‘tarnished dark’ appearance). The slanted emitter section, the most characteristically ‘dark side’ design feature of the hilt, is reminiscent … Read more

Saberforge Bane MK1 (RT) Lightsaber Hilt full review RETIRED

Saberforge Bane MK1 RT lightsaber

Saberforge Bane MK1 (RT) is an aggressive, curved and clawed lightsaber hilt. The hilt I’m reviewing is Initiate Tier, meaning it’s an empty hilt without electronics and features dummy switches installed in the switch holes. Saberforge Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK] The hilt features a metallic silver colored body that’s ‘bookended’ by a black emitter … Read more

Ultrasabers Dark Standard Issue Battle Saber V3 lightsaber Full review

Ultrasabers Dark Standard Issue V3 lightsaber

This is an Ultrasabers Dark Standard Issue Battle Saber V3 and it’s the vertical groove version with a blazing red LED. The lightsaber is in the stunt saber configuration (no sound). Ultrasabers also offers the hilt without the vertical grooves. Watch Ultrasabers Dark Standard Issue Battle Saber V3 lightsaber review blazing red on YouTube Dark … Read more

Ultrasabers Dominix V4 Lightsaber Full Review | Fire Orange Blade Stunt Saber

Ultrasabers Dominix V4 lightsaber with Fire Orange blade

This is an Ultrasabers Dominix V4 lightsaber, stunt saber configuration (no sound). All of the Dominix lightsabers are black with a dark side or tactical feel. The light side counterpart of the Dominix V4 is the Aeon V4, which is exactly the same as Dominix V4 except the hilt is a metallic silver color rather … Read more

Top 4 Sith Lightsaber Features and Traits

a selection of Sith lightsabers

Sith lightsabers contain several common features and traits that set them apart from their Jedi lightsaber counterparts. No two Sith lightsabers are alike and not all of the features are present with every single Sith lightsaber, nevertheless several Sith lightsaber traits do commonly recur. Watch Top 4 Sith Lightsaber Features and Traits on YouTube 1. … Read more