Ultrasabers Raven Lightsaber Hilt Review | LONG Claws

The Ultrasabers Raven lightsaber hilt features an aggressive Sith vibe, featuring a mostly black body and a set of three long, imposing, Wolverine-like claws in the emitter section. The Raven lightsaber features longer claws than any other Ultrasabers hilt design. The custom saber is inspired by the Sith Stalker hilt from The Force Unleashed video game.

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Let’s talk about these Raven claws. Three emitter claws encircle the top of the Raven like a tall and aggressive crown. Ultrasabers offers two claw versions: Normal Version and Super Sith Version. The normal version adds 5.75 inches to the length of the hilt will the Super Sith Version (SS Version) adds a whopping 7.25 inches to the length of the hilt. My lightsaber is configured with the Super Sith Version of claws. The entire Raven hilt length, including the Super Sith Version claws, is nearly 21 inches long. Without the claws, the hilt is about 13 inches long.

g and imposing, but not sharp
The claws on the Ultrasabers Raven are long and imposing, but not sharp | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

Even though the Wolverine-like claws may look fearsome (snikt!), the claws are well-machined with rounded off corners and no rough or sharp edges. The claws are solidly aligned and securely mounted to the hilt as well. The claws are removable, if necessary, however if the claws are removed, three non-removable screws protrude outward from under the claws.

The hilt features a removable MHS compatible blade holder section that peaks through the long, u-shaped cutouts in the emitter shroud. The blade holder is black with metallic silver grooves. The hilt includes an MLS unit (Modular LED System), which means the hilt can use quick disconnect.

The mostly black hilt body features some metallic silver accents, including the grip section comprised of a series of 7 raised, flat, ring-like ridges. The hilt body is ‘bookended’ with additional metallic silver coloring by the pommel section and the emitter shroud and emitter claws.

The removable, MHS compatible pommel, which is vented, comes in two versions: Standard Version and Super Sith Version. The standard version is all metallic silver and the Super Sith Version is mostly metallic silver, featuring a series of vertical, black grooves around the side and black on the base of the pommel.

Ultrasabers first released the Raven lightsaber in 2011.

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