Saberforge Fury Lightsaber Hilt Full Review | Weathered Finish

The Saberforge Fury lightsaber is an aggressive and edgy dark side style lightsaber. Fury, which is an Elite Saber, has three finish options: standard (two-toned black and metallic silver colored), black (solid black), or weathered (a ‘tarnished dark’ appearance). The slanted emitter section, the most characteristically ‘dark side’ design feature of the hilt, is reminiscent of the emitter shroud on the Darth Vader lightsaber. A u-shaped split or cutout bisects the emitter section, creating a jagged, almost claw-like or horns-like appearance.

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Saberforge uses a specific ‘tarnished silver’ style of weathering on their lightsaber hilts, like the Saberforge Fury in this article. Saberforge’s weathering style is almost all black except for a few contrasting metallic silver colored edges and rings around the hilt. My hilt may may have some extra weathering (i.e. dings and scratches) because I purchased the hilt used.

The hilt tapers and features grooves below the the emitter section. The neck of the hilt features an illuminated AV switch (red in this case) for activating the lightsaber, followed by the recharge port with a Saberforge kill key. The hilt flares out to the fluted grip section, which features a series of six flutes (i.e. vertical grooves). The base of the hilt features the Covertec wheel, narrowing to the vented pommel at the end of the hilt.

Saberforge Fury is about 12 inches long from the base of the pommel up to the very top of the angled emitter shroud. The hilt accommodates a 1 inch diameter blade or blade plug. This hilt in this review is installed with two sound fonts: SaberCore Viridian (a light side font) and SaberCore Crimson (a dark side font). Several of the Saberforge Fury components are available as Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP).

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