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Saberforge Weathered Finish Lightsabers: What You Need to Know

This is an example of a weathered Saberforge lightsaber hilt. Weathering, which broadly defines any method of ageing, scratching, tarnishing, wearing down or otherwise making a hilt look used or battle worn, can take on many different forms depending on the lightsaber company or sabersmith that administers the ‘weathering’ process.

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How Saberforge interprets weathering is they add what looks like a layer of grit or a series of black rings to whatever the standard finish or ‘as first built‘ appearance of the lightsaber would have been. The black rings vary in width and distance between the rings, kind of like tree rings on a tree stump.

In addition to the black rings, this specific hilt features a lot of wear in the top of the emitter area. Overall, though, one of the hallmarks of the Saberforge weathering style is the addition of many black rings to hilt, giving it more of tarnished appearance.

‘Weathered’ is one the three most common Saberforge hilt finishes, along with the ‘Standard’ (an ‘as first built by’ style) and the ‘Black’ (an solid black style). Standard finish, black finish, and weathered finish are also included in the standard price of the saber, while most of the other Saberforge finishes incur an upgrade fee. In addition to giving buyers the option to select a weathered lightsaber, Saberforge also allows buyers to select weathered blade plugs as well (for some, but not all models).

Some lightsaber enthusiasts think the Saberforge version of weathering is too uniform in appearance. YouTube viewer Dutli Anvilhand wrote, “You can tell its just been spun on a lathe or CNC machine with sandpaper or something taken to it. It looks more like a decorative finish rather than making it look old and worn in.”

As an alternative to purchasing a lightsaber that’s weathered by Saberforge, some lightsaber enthusiasts decide to weather the lightsaber themselves by adding their own: scratches, dings, tarnishing, dents, stains, paint, etc.

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