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Saberforge released the Commando lightsaber. Commando is a custom saber with an uncommon flat profile design. The lightsaber comes in three common finishes: standard (two-toned), black or weathered. Despite the flat profile design of the hilt, Commando accommodates a standard 1 inch diameter blade.

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Saberforge Commando lightsaber
Saberforge Commando in multiple finishes | IMAGE CREDIT Saberforge

Commando features an unorthodox hilt shape. The front and back of the hilt are curved while the two sides are flat. Two long and wide grooves extend down the front of the hilt while two small grooves extend down the rear of the hilt. A series of three gear tooth style indexing rings encircle the hilt in the upper body and near the pommel in order to encourage proper grip alignment.

The emitter section, which is slanted or angled in design, features a series of five stadium-shaped horizontal windows. Commando features additional groups of stadium-shaped accents, both raised and recessed, in the switch section and lower body of the hilt. The Covertec wheel is situated near the bottom of the hilt body, just above the lowest indexing ring. The slanted pommel caps off the hilt, echoing the angular aesthetic of the slanted emitter.

Saberforge is one of the largest and most well-known custom saber companies in the world.

Saberforge Etsy Store affiliate link


Image depicts the Saberforge Commando with black finish (left) and standard two-toned finish (right).

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