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Saberforge released the Outcast lightsaber, a custom lightsaber inspired by the design of the Kyle Katarn’s third lightsaber. Outcast’s signature feature is the hilt’s distinctive double shrouded grip section. Outcast is available in three primary finishes: chrome (two-toned), weathered, or black.

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Outcast’s emitter section design has an appearance of three stacked rings or discs. The top ‘disc’ is the smallest with each additional ‘disc’ increasing in diameter. A gear tooth style sections extends below the widest ‘disc’ and an additional thin disc shape flares out under the gear shape, capping off the emitter section.

Saberforge Outcast lightsaber
Saberforge Outcast lightsaber (left) and closeup on the double shrouded grip section (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Saberforge

Two shrouds, each with a large cutout section on the rear, bisect the grip section. Each cutout section in the shroud exposes a ribbed, black grip section. The front of the top grip section features two, small circular cutouts: one for the activation switch and one for the charge port. Pommel cube style protrusions jut out of the lower section of the body. Finally, the vented pommel flares out to one of the widest diameters of the hilt at the pommel’s base.

Outcast uses a standard blade socket and may accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade. Outcast may be ordered as an empty hilt (Initiate Tier) or with electronics installed (Warrior, Champion, Veteran or Initiate Tier). Additionally, the Outcast emitter, switch, body, and pommel sections are all available as individual parts in the Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) section of the Saberforge website.

Saberforge, based in Oregon, is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world.

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Image depicts Saberforge Outcast lightsaber

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