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Saberforge unveiled the Pathfinder lightsaber. Pathfinder is a custom saber inspired by the design of the Plo Koon lightsaber. The lightsaber comes in three standard finishes: chrome, black or weathered. The hilt is about 13 inches long and accommodates a 1 inch diameter blade.

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Saberforge Pathfinder lightsaber (multiple perspectives) | IMAGE CREDIT Saberforge

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The cylindrical-shaped emitter section, which the widest part of the hilt, features a series of deep horizontal grooves. Saberforge calls the section a “radiator style emitter” (the emitter looks a bit similar to a honey dipper as well). The switch section in the upper body of the hilt narrows into a second series of horizontal, black grooves. Two knurled red thumb screws (greeblies) on the front face and two small domes on the side disrupt the otherwise mostly smooth lower body of the hilt. A Covertec wheel is situated near the bottom of the hilt body.

Pathfinder’s conical, turbine style pommel, the hilt’s most detailed feature, caps off the end of the lightsaber. The conical pommel resembles the emitter section of a Darth Maul style lightsaber.

Based in the United States, Saberforge offers one of the widest selections of custom lightsaber designs in the world.

Saberforge Etsy Store affiliate link


Image depicts a Saberforge Pathfinder with standard chrome finish (left) and weathered finish (right)

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