WORST lightsaber moment in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

To many Star Wars fans, one of the worst lightsaber moments in The Last Jedi is the scene where Rey returns the Skywalker lightsaber to Luke and he nonchalantly tosses the iconic weapon over his shoulder like a worthless old sock.

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Some fans interpreted the lightsaber toss as out of character for Luke and as disrespectful treatment of such a historic artifact both in the Star Wars galaxy and in real life. In the Star Wars galaxy, the lightsaber boasts a long and storied history, serving as Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber, Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and now Rey’s lightsaber. In real life, the Skywalker lightsaber was the first hilt built by the prop department, earning the saber the nickname ‘The Original Lightsaber’.

But the lightsaber toss scene isn’t the worst lightsaber moment in The Last Jedi. At least not to me. The worst lightsaber scene in The Last Jedi is where Rey and Kylo Ren, evenly matched in The Force, both scramble for the possession of the Skywalker lightsaber, ultimately splitting the lightsaber in two jagged pieces. It’s heart-wrenching to see such an iconic piece of Star Wars lore, The Original Lightsaber, ripped in two, seemingly beyond repair. The shoulder toss seems trivial by comparison.

Still, the splitting of the lightsaber is a beautifully symbolic of other splits in the film. The most obvious parallel split is breakup of budding relationship (friendship or something more) between Ben/Kylo and Rey. Both characters not only split from each other, but from their mentors as well. Rey split from the ‘old ways’ of the Jedi and Luke’s training and Kylo Ren’s split from Snoke.

End of an Era
The splitting of the lightsaber also feels similar to a death in the movie and an ‘end of an era’ moment. Unlike many objects and characters, the Skywalker lightsaber has appeared in all three Star Wars trilogies to date. The lightsaber remains one of the most popular and coveted designs among fans.

The Future of the Skywalker Lightsaber
Even though the Skywalker lightsaber is seemingly ‘dead’, one of the prevailing fans theories is Rey will repurpose the broken lightsaber’s kyber crystal and build her own lightsaber either before Episode 9 or at some point during the film. It’s possible the new lightsaber could also poach other design elements of the Skywalker lightsaber. The new lightsaber could also look totally different from the Skywalker lightsaber. Many fans hope to see Rey build and wield a double-bladed lightsaber, due to her background wielding a staff. It is also possible, albeit unlikely, that Rey could somehow repair and resurrect the lightsaber, restoring it to its previous form.

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What do you think was the worst lightsaber moment in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

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  1. Both scenes mentioned are a bad day for lightsabers , However is that wrecked lightsaber really the original? As I recall the original tumbled into the depths of Bespin along with Luke’s right hand. Old Jedi Jim.


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