lightsaber waffle Releases Lightsaber Waffle Stick Recipe in Celebration of National Waffle Day

The official Star Wars website posted a recipe for colorful lightsaber waffle sticks as a nod to National Waffle Day (August 24).

The cute and clever recipe dyes the waffle batter red or blue to make the lightsaber blade (of course, you could select other lightsaber colors as well!).

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Once the waffle is cooked and cut into strips, you dip the ‘wafflesaber’ into chocolate to form the hilt. Finally, you decorate the hilt with frosting to add the emitter button, greeblies and any other desired grooves or garnishes.

Looks like a simple, tasty, lightsaber-y recipe! Find the complete list of ingredients and instructions for Lightsaber Waffle Sticks recipe on in the article In a Lightsaber Waffle Duel, Everyone Wins.

The recipe was written by lifestyle and food writer Jenn Fujikawa.


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