What is fluting? (Lightsaber Terminology)

Fluting is a series of hollowed-out vertical grooves on a lightsaber hilt. The grip section is one of the most common areas on a lightsaber hilt to find fluting. The fluting can vary in length, width, and depth. Some lightsaber fluting is more flat and rectangular while other lightsaber fluting is more rounded and almost ovoid in shape.

Functionally, fluting makes the lightsaber hilt easier to grip and handle. Aesthetically, fluting as a design feature adds a clean and crisp vertical lines that make the hilt look longer, slimmer, and all around more elegant.

The term ‘fluting’, as applied to lightsabers, originates in historical architecture. Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Persians all historically incorporated fluting into to cylindrical columns and other architectural elements.

Some lightsabers that featuring fluting include:
Fury Saberforge
Prophecy V3 / Dark Prophecy V3 Ultrasabers
Justicar Saberforge

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