How a Soap Dish Makes a SURPRISINGLY Attractive Lightsaber Stand

Did you know that some soap dishes can actually be repurposed as an affordable and attractive lightsaber display stand? Many soap dishes only cost around $5 to $20 each, depending on the design, material, and the seller.

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Soap dish designs come in many shapes. In order for the soap dish to work effectively as a lightsaber stand, look for curved dishes with open ends (some curved soap dishes use a lip or border to contain the soap). Some soap dishes with slots or grooves may also work as a lightsaber stand.

Although soap dishes can be made from many materials, such as metal, plastic, stone, or wood, I found the most success with wooden soap dishes. Several wooden soap dish designs seem to match the curve of a lightsaber hilt better than soap dishes made out of other materials.

Soap dishes of various shapes could also be uses to help you keep track of or display other lightsaber accessories and tools (e.g. blade plugs, kill key, greeblies, screws, hex wrenches, etc).

I’m always a big fan of finding household items that can be repurposed for use with lightsabers. Another example is using a wine box as a lightsaber display box.

Where to Find a Soap Dish to Use as a Lightsaber Stand
Amazon [affiliate link] is one of the better resources for finding a wide selection of soap dish designs. You could also check Bed, Bath & Beyond or other online or brick and mortar retail stores that sell household items. Consider you may have to dig around a bit to find a soap dish that’s appropriate to display a lightsaber hilt.

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