EngraveMyMemories Wine Box Repurposed as Lightsaber Display Box full review

This is an EngraveMyMemories wine box…but I’m NOT using the box for wine. I’m using box as a lightsaber display box! EngraveMyMemories is an Etsy seller [AFFILIATE LINK] and they sell many different wooden items. As their name suggests, the company offers an engraving upgrade. The engraving option allows customers to add their own custom design to the piece.

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The wine box is made of wood and it’s a mahogany color. One thing to note about the box’s finish is it’s somewhat easy to get fingerprints on the box. Overall, it’s an attractive display box, though.

Inside of the box features a red satin material. The box is cushioned by Styrofoam underneath the red satin material. Removing the cushioning from the box is easy, if you need to add more padding or would like the swap the cushioning out for something else. The satin material is attached to the Styrofoam, though.

The biggest issue I have with the box, which is somewhat minor, is that the lightsaber hilt may sit a little deep in the box. You may want to elevate the cushioning a bit by adding some extra padding.

The outside diameter of the box is 14.25 inches x 4.5 inches x 4.75 inches. The box is able to hold lightsabers up to 12.25 inches long, so the box should work with many (but not all) lightsaber hilts. Some lightsabers, including certain Ultrasabers models, are longer thatn 12.25 inches. Also, odd-shaped lightsabers, like a curved Count Dooku style lightsaber may not work well with the box.

I like that the box is simple, attractive, and also a nice price. Plus, the box gives the owner the flexibility of storing the lightsaber with the lid closed or displaying the lightsaber with the lid open.

Several Star Wars movies include seminal moments where a character removes a lightsaber from a wooden box. Storing and displaying your lightsaber in a simple wine box like this enables you to replicate those moments of majestic nostalgia from the Star Wars movies.

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