The Piano Guys Luke TPG Sharp Bow

The Piano Guys Release Unusual Saber Inspired ‘Luke TPG Sharp Bows’ Complete with Green Horsehair

Star Wars fans and musicians take note, The Piano Guys, known making popular piano and cello cover music ranging from Star Wars to Coldplay, released a line of stringed-instrument bows including the ‘Luke TPG Sharp Bow’. The Luke TPG Sharp Bow, which looks similar to a certain Jedi’s green lightsaber, is made from a carbon fiber/advanced composite blend. Sharp Bows are designed by Steven Sharp Nelson, the cellist for The Piano Guys.

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The Piano Guys had previously released a Star Wars themed music video in 2011 called ‘Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Lightsaber Duel – The Piano Guys’. Cello Wars has earned over 42 million YouTube views and remains one of the most watched The Piano Guys music videos of all time.

The ‘saber’ bows are available in The Piano Guys store and come in three sizes: violin, viola, and cello.

Find Luke TPG Sharp Bows on The Piano Guys website:

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