Are Ultrasabers and Saberforge Lightsabers Compatible?: What You Should Know

Are Ultrasabers lightsabers compatible with Saberforge lightsabers? In other words, can I take some of my hilt components from Ultrasabers lightsabers and use them with my Saberforge lightsabers? The short answer is no and the longer answer is…mostly no with a few exceptions.

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The primary way that Ultrasabers and Saberforge are not compatible with each other is through their threading for their pommels, bodies, emitter pieces, etc. Ultrasabers uses two types of threading. Most Ultrasabers lightsabers use MHS compatible pieces. MHS is the Modular Hilt System developed by The Custom Saber Shop. )As an aside, many pommels and components from The Custom Saber Shop will work with Ultrasabers hits, but that’s a topic for another video.) A few Ultrasabers hilts, namely all of V2 hilt models, are a smaller diameter and are NOT MHS compatible.Saberforge is not compatible with MHS or the V2 hilts.

Saberforge uses multiple types of threading as well, meaning that not all Saberforge components are compatible with all Saberforge hilts. Some Saberforge hilts use the ASP (Adaptive Saber Parts) threading. Other Saberforge hilts are a thinner diameter, especially hilts in the Apprentice category. Certain Kyberlight pieces are compatible with certain Saberforge hilts.

There are a few things that are compatible between Ultrasabers and Saberforge. Lightsaber blades and blade plugs manufactured by Ultrasabers should be compatible with Saberforge and vice versa. I say “should” be compatible because both companies use 1 inch diameter blades and blade plugs. Please note, at least in my experience, I’ve had some Ultrasabers standard blade plugs get stuck inside lightsaber hilts. Generally, a 1 inch diameter blade or blade from ANY company should work with ANY hilt designed for a 1 inch diameter blade, but occasionally a blade or blade plug from a company will be slightly too large and require sanding or modification to fit inside the hilt.

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