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Black Bear Salvage [Etsy affiliate link] is a United States based Etsy store that specializes constructing ‘found parts’ style lightsaber blade plugs. The found parts approach adds a rugged realism or steampunk feel to the design of the blade plugs. Some of the designs take inspiration from in-universe lightsabers like the Graflex (Skywalker lightsaber), while other designs are original.

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Black Bear Salvage Finial Blade Plug | IMAGE CREDIT Black Bear Salvage

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Ranging in complexity, Black Bear Salvage blade plugs are made with a cylindrical PVC tube that surrounds a housing comprised of various protruding metal components depending on the design (e.g. zinc, steel, aluminum, brass, etc). Blade plug designs rotate depending on the availability of the found objects that Black Bear Salvage uses to create the blade plug.

Black Bear Salvage creates both 1 inch diameter and 7/8 inch diameter blade plugs. He offers custom PVC tube lengths ranging from 0.5 inches up to 2 inches long (a photon tube upgrade is available as well). The store offers both top mounting and bottom mounting variations. All Black Bear Salvage blade plugs are currently standard, static blade plugs. No neopixel blade plug options are currently available, although some of the blade plugs may be able to accommodate an neopixel blade plug adapter like Sabertrio’s Neo Chip.

Black Bear Salvage has been on Etsy since 2017.

BlackBearSalvage Etsy Store affiliate link

Image depicts various Black Bear Salvage lightsaber blade plugs

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