Sabertrio Develops Neopixel Blade Plug Adapter (New Saber Technology)

Sabertrio, a Malaysia based custom saber company, announced the development of Neo Chip, a neopixel blade plug adapter. How the adapter works is Neo Chip attaches to most standard thick walled blade plugs (3.2 mm thick), allowing lightsaber enthusiasts to adapt the static blade plugs into neopixel blade plugs (thin walled, 1.6mm thick blade plugs would require an additional adapter ring).

Neo Chip will be compatible with Sabertrio blade plugs along with standard blade plugs from many other custom saber companies.

Sabertrio Neo Chip Specs
• features CNC machined acrylic body
• body houses 7x LED SK6812 PCB
• uses standard Neopixel V2 connector from The Custom Saber Shop (with a 470 ohm smd resistor)
• adds 8mm in length to a blade plug

Neo Chip Product Release
Sabertrio has not specified a release date for Neo Chip, but plans to make the neopixel blade plugs adapter available on soon. Neo Chip will sell for $20 each.

Sabertrio “acknowledge[s] that we are NOT the first to release a product of such a concept.” [Source: Sabertrio Facebook Announcement; retrieved 3/27/2019]

Sabertrio website

Sabertrio Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]


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