Saberbay Aperture Lightsaber Blade Plug (Standard and Pixel) | New Product Alert

Saberbay Aperture Lightsaber Blade Plug

Saberbay Aperture Lightsaber Blade Plug has been released. The custom saber blade plug, an original design, features an opening camera-like shutter! Saberbay offers the 1 inch diameter Aperture Lightsaber Blade Plug as a standard blade plug (for basehilt sabers) or pixel blade plug (for pixel sabers). Saberbay released the Aperture Blade Plug in September 2022. … Read more

Neopixel Blade Plug for Lightsabers: Everything You Need to Know

A neopixel blade plug, or pixel blade plug, is a short cylindrical device that may attach to a neopixel lightsaber hilt when the blade is removed. A neopixel blade plug contains pixel LED inside the cylinder. The device features RGB color changing and some effects just like a neopixel blade. The plug serves purely as … Read more

SaberBay: Empty Hilts and Parts Store | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

SabyBay lightsaber company

SaberBay (Etsy) [affiliate link] is a United States based custom saber company that specializes in character inspired hilts and lightsaber parts for DIY lightsaber projects. The SaberBay Etsy store first launched in 2015. SaberBay (Etsy) affiliate link SaberBay carries character inspired empty hilts manufactured by various custom saber companies. While SaberBay has sold mainly 89 … Read more

Sabertrio Releases New Blade Plug Line | NEW PRODUCT ALERT

Sabertrio lightsaber blade plugs

Sabertrio, a Malaysia based custom saber company, released a new line of lightsaber blade plugs. The two new blade plug designs are named: Reactor Blade Plug and Brass Pin Blade Plug. The blade plugs are neopixel compatible, when combined with a neopixel adapter like Sabertrio’s Neo Chip. The competitively priced blade plugs are $8 for … Read more

Sabertrio Neopixel Blade Plug Adapter | New Saber Technology

Sabertrio Neo Chip

Sabertrio, a Malaysia based custom saber company, announced the development of Neo Chip, a neopixel blade plug adapter. How the adapter works is Neo Chip attaches to most standard thick walled blade plugs (3.2 mm thick), allowing lightsaber enthusiasts to adapt the static blade plugs into neopixel blade plugs (thin walled, 1.6mm thick blade plugs would require … Read more

Are neopixel lightsabers KILLING demand for static blade plugs?

lightsaber blade plugs

Neopixel is one of the hot lightsaber technologies of 2018 and is arguably one of the most disruptive lightsaber technologies to gain popularity in 2018. How are neopixel lightsabers affecting the market for static blade plugs? Watch Are neopixel lightsabers KILLING demand for static blade plugs? on YouTube Until recently, static blade plugs were the … Read more