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Saberbay Aperture Lightsaber Blade Plug has been released. The custom saber blade plug, an original design, features an opening camera-like shutter! Saberbay offers the 1 inch diameter Aperture Lightsaber Blade Plug as a standard blade plug (for basehilt sabers) or pixel blade plug (for pixel sabers). Saberbay released the Aperture Blade Plug in September 2022.

Saberbay (Etsy)

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Saberbay Aperture Lightsaber Blade Plug
Saberbay Aperture Lightsaber Blade Plug | IMAGE CREDIT Saberbay

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The Saberbay Aperture Lightsaber Blade Plug features a metal, camera shutter-like aperture with a functioning opening and closing mechanism. Twelve M1x3mm Phillips head screws attach to the mechanism: six on top, and six on the bottom. Mechanism is not self actuating. Manually rotate the mechanism counter clockwise to open and clockwise to close. A 1 inch diameter polycarbonate tube attaches to the top metal housing. Tube’s inside diameter (ID) is 20 mm.

Note that the blade plug may seem loose upon arrival. This is necessary for the aperture mechanism to function. The buyer may choose tighten the screws a bit, but if the screws are tightened too much the opening/closing mechanism will not function. Since the mechanism uses very small screws, be careful not to lose them.

Saberbay offers the Aperture Lightsaber Blade Plug as a standard blade plug (for in-hilt LED/baselit hilts) or neopixel blade plug (for pixel sabers). Entire standard blade plug measures about 1.77 in long (45 mm). Entire neopixel blade plug measures about 1.95 in long (49.5 mm). The pixel blade plug arrives assembled with a 3D printed holder with ShtokCustomWorx Blade Side PCB and built-in neopixel LED.

Saberbay (Etsy)

Saberbay is a United States based custom saber company and parts store. The company sells empty hilts, custom sabers accessories, and parts for creating and repairing lightsabers.

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