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SaberBay (Etsy) [affiliate link] is a United States based custom saber company that specializes in character inspired hilts and lightsaber parts for DIY lightsaber projects. The SaberBay Etsy store first launched in 2015.

SaberBay (Etsy) affiliate link

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SaberBay carries character inspired empty hilts manufactured by various custom saber companies. While SaberBay has sold mainly 89 Sabers lightsaber hilts in particular, the company has also sold hilts by Denis Lukyanov, Watto’s Junkyard, and 7 Chambers / Phoenix Props.

SaberBay also carries a variety of lightsaber parts, including: batteries and holders, LEDs, heatsinks, speakers, neopixel parts (i.e. connectors and side holders), and a few miscellaneous parts. Additionally, the company sells some blade plugs. Blade plugs are available as standard blade plugs or as neopixel blade plugs. SaberBay had previously sold a batch of the popular Proffieboard in July 2019 as well.

In addition to selling lightsaber hilts and parts, SaberBay collaborated with Watto’s Junkyard to produce a limited edition hilt kit called The Dark Lord. The Dark Lord is modeled after the out of production Master Replicas Darth Vader (ROTS) lightsaber hilt prop. Unlike the Master Replicas hilt, The Dark Lord is designed to accept electronics.

SaberBay / Watto's Junkyard collaboration The Dark Lord lightsaber hilt
SaberBay / Watto’s Junkyard collaboration The Dark Lord lightsaber hilt | IMAGE CREDIT SaberBay

SaberBay is operated by Justin Marshall. Marshall, a lifelong Star Wars fan, entered the lightsaber hobby after searching for “ways to repair and upgrade the $120 lightsabers I purchased from a Borders book store”. SaberBay is based in Portland, Oregon.

SaberBay (Etsy) affiliate link

Image depicts 89 Sabers Luke Skywalker V2 ROTJ Lightsaber Hilt Kit (left), TRI CREE Xpe LED with Optic (upper right), ShtokCustomWorx NPXL NeoPixel LED Connector (lower right). Please note that SaberBay inventory and availability may change over time.

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