What is Mylar tape? | Lightsaber Terminology

Lightsaber enthusiasts and prop makers wrap a thin strip of Mylar tape with a chrome-like, mirror-finish around a Skywalker lightsaber hilt in order to cover up the ‘Graflex’ lettering on the Graflex clamp section of the hilt. Star Wars prop makers constructed the original Skywalker lightsaber out of a vintage 1930s/1940s era Graflex flashgun.

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The Empire Strikes Back configuration of the Skywalker lightsaber covers up the ‘Graflex’ lettering with a piece of smooth 1/2 inch wide Mylar tape with a chrome-like, mirror finish. Conversely, the version of the Empire Strikes Back lightsaber put on display at Skywalker Ranch instead covers the ‘Graflex’ lettering on the Graflex clamp piece with a 1 inch wide textured Mylar tape with a mirror finish. The Skywalker Ranch lightsaber hilt was modified with the textured Mylar tape after filming, so the textured Mylar tape version of the hilt was never shown onscreen in the Empire Strikes Back.

The Revenge of the Sith configuration of the Skywalker lightsaber, which was machined from scratch rather than constructed from a vintage Graflex flashgun, features a textured midsection similar in appearance to the Skywalker Ranch lightsaber.

Mylar tape alternatives for lightsabers

Instead of using Mylar tape, certain Graflex lightsaber hilt models use a metal Graflex clamp cover to hide the ‘Graflex’ lettering. Some Graflex lightsaber hilt replicas omit the ‘Graflex’ lettering from the clamp altogether.

List of sellers of Mylar tape (for lightsabers)

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Amazon various products
The Custom Saber Shop United States Mylar tape strip (smooth), textured Mylar tape strip
eBay (various sellers)
JQSabers United Kingdom textured Mylar tape
Skywampa (Etsy) United Kingdom Mylar tape strip (smooth)
WannaWanga Netherlands chrome tape (smooth), textured chrome tape

image depicts textured chrome tape from WannaWanga

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