Neopixel Blade Plug for Lightsabers: Everything You Need to Know

A neopixel blade plug, or pixel blade plug, is a short cylindrical device that may attach to a neopixel lightsaber hilt when the blade is removed. A neopixel blade plug contains pixel LED inside the cylinder. The device features RGB color changing and some effects just like a neopixel blade. The plug serves purely as a decorative accessory, making the hilt’s blade holder look more “in-universe” (or look just plain cool).

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Neopixel Blade Plug Compatibility

Different companies may sometimes use different neopixel pins that don’t line up with another company’s products. For example, ShtokCustomWorx blade side PCB connectors may not work with certain LGT Saber Studio products. If you have any compatibility questions about a blade plug, ask a seller before purchasing the item.

Where to Buy Neopixel Blade Plugs

Note: Make sure the blade plug is compatible with your saber. When in doubt, ask the seller.

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Crimson Dawn United States
ForceGhostSabers (Etsy) United States
GenexisSabers (Etsy) United States
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Sabertrio Malaysia must buy a blade plug and a Neo Chip
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Neopixel Blade Plug vs. Static Blade Plug

The first blade plugs, static blade plugs, were designed for in-hilt LED/baselit sabers. Baselit sabers contain the lightsaber’s light source inside the hilt (like a flashlight). Unlike neopixel blade plugs, static blade plugs contain no electronics or interior illumination, instead using the in-hilt LED as the source of illumination.

Some static blade plugs are designed to diffuse or minimize the bright light from the hilt in order to help prevent the wielder from accidentally shining a bright light in an individual’s eyes. Since neopixel sabers are not baselit, they do not rely on a in-hilt light source to illuminate the blade or blade plug.

Typically a lightsaber wielder will use a neopixel blade plug with a neopixel saber and a static blade plug with a baselit saber. The only reason you’d use a static blade plug with a neopixel saber is if you like the design of the blade plug itself and understand that a static blade plug will not illuminate in a pixel saber.

Since they use more components and require additional assembly/labor, neopixel blade plugs are generally more expensive than static blade plugs.

Blade Plug Adapters

Some companies have developed blade plug adapters. A blade plug adapter attaches to the bottom of a static blade plug in order to convert a static blade plug into a neopixel blade plug. Malaysia based Sabertrio makes one such adapter called Neo Chip. Other companies like United States based Saberbay (Etsy) sell components required to make your own neopixel blade plug.

A neopixel blade plug adapter attaches to hollow blade plugs only and does not attach to blade plugs using a solid cylinder.

Sabertrio Neo Chip
Sabertrio Neo Chip | IMAGE CREDIT Sabertrio

Neopixel to LED Adapters

Several companies make a neopixel to LED adapter. The small device makes a neopixel saber to work like a baselit saber. When you slide the device inside the hilt, the bottom of the device makes contact with the pins inside the neopixel hilt. The LED on the top of the device will illuminate when the wielder activates the saber.

Basically, adding a neopixel to LED adapter to a neopixel saber enables you to light up a static blade or static blade plug with your neopixel saber. Consider that adding the adapter to your lightsaber hilt will shorten the blade socket depth.

Saberbay (Etsy) United States sells ShtokCustomWorx/WarSabers RGB NeoCree Module
The Pach Store Hong Kong sells Ultimate Works TriCree LED Adapter

ShtokCustomWorx/WarSabers RGB NeoCree Module | IMAGE CREDIT Saberbay

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