Sabertrio Releases New Blade Plug Line (NEW PRODUCT ALERT)

Sabertrio, a Malaysia based custom saber company, released a new line of lightsaber blade plugs. The two new blade plug designs are named: Reactor Blade Plug and Brass Pin Blade Plug. The blade plugs are neopixel compatible, when combined with a neopixel adapter like Sabertrio’s Neo Chip. The competitively priced blade plugs are $8 for Reactor Blade Plug and $10 for Brass Pin Blade Plug (the Neo Chip neopixel adapter is an additional $20).

Each blade plug design comes in two variations: Silver Black (SB) or Dark Edition (DE). The blade plugs, which are about 1 inch in diameter, are available in three lengths: 20mm (0.79″), 34.5mm (1.36″) or 57mm (2.24″). The new blade plugs feature a machined acrylic body and aluminum housing.

Brass Pin Blade Plug is a Graflex-style lightsaber blade plug while Reactor Blade Plug is similar in appearance to Sabertrio’s original blade plug named Sabertrio Blade Plug. Likely due to the release of the new blade plug line, Sabertrio’s original blade plug design is now discontinued and is no longer available for purchase in the Sabertrio store.

Sabertrio website

Sabertrio Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

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