The Custom Saber Shop Releases MHS V1 Tsuba Adapter (NEW PRODUCT ALERT)

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS) released a new piece called MHS V1 3″ Tsuba adapter today. The adapter allows lightsaber enthusiasts to add a tsuba section and extend the length of most MHS V1 or MHS compatible lightsaber hilts. The tsuba adapter adds a lightsaber katana or Kanan Jarrus style lightsaber feel to design. This is the first tsuba component released by The Custom Saber Shop.

MHS V1 3″ Tsuba adapter uses male threading on the bottom and female threading on the top. The Custom Saber Shop cautions that the piece is “[n]ot compatible with the copper cooler if using a single LED setup.”

The company intends to release an MHS V2 3″ Tsuba adapter and a longer MHS V1 3.5″ Tsuba adapter in the coming week.

The Custom Saber Shop, a United States based custom saber company, is one of the largest and oldest custom saber parts shops in the world.

Tsuba Adapter on The Custom Saber Shop’s website

COVER IMAGE CREDIT: The Custom Saber Shop
image depicts MHS V1 3″ Tsuba adapter

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