Is a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber a toy? | Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Is a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber a toy designed for kids? The answer is more complicated that you might think. Savi’s Workshop is the build your own lightsaber experience at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, the new Star Wars land at Disneyland and Disney World.

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Let’s examine some reasons a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber MAY be considered a toy along with some reasons a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber MAY NOT be considered a toy.

Why a Savi’s Workshop Lightsaber IS a Toy
A Savi’s Workshop lightsaber is recommended for ages 5 and up. The recommended age is likely low because the lightsaber has very few small parts and no sharp edges. The kyber crystal in the center of the hilt is one of the smallest pieces and it’s about an inch or so long. The lightsaber building experience at Savi’s Workshop, like most Disney attractions, seems to be directed at kids, although many adults would enjoy the process as well.

The pieces and overall look of the lightsaber hilt is over-sized, much like the Star Wars BladeBuilders line or other toy lightsabers. A Savi’s Workshop lightsaber is about 12 inches long and about 2 inches in diameter. The colors and overall design of the hilt also feel exaggerated and look less realistic than a legacy lightsaber or a Force FX lightsaber. A Savi’s Workshop lightsaber is not duel worthy, and prioritizes the crystal chamber and modular building system. The lightsaber looks and feels like it is geared towards children and doesn’t seem ‘serious’ enough for some adult collectors.

Why a Savi’s Workshop Lightsaber IS NOT a Toy
The Savi’s Workshop lightsaber is very large, heavy and cumbersome since the hilt is made out of metal. You also wouldn’t want to drop the hilt on your foot since it weighs a little over two pounds! The large size and weight of a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber makes the lightsaber challenging for younger Star Wars fans to wield. Savi’s Workshop seems to emphasize the novelty and building experience rather than care about the practicality of children swinging the lightsaber around.

The Savi’s Workshop lightsaber is also expensive. The lightsaber, along with the Savi’s Workshop experience at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, costs $200 plus tax. Savi’s Workshop lightsabers cost even more on eBay [affiliate link] or in other secondary markets. Many parents might consider purchasing a lightsaber for their child that costs maybe $10-$50 or possibly $100. In the eyes of many parents, however, spending $200 on a ‘lightsaber toy’ is prohibitively expensive and impractical.

COVER IMAGE: Savi’s Workshop lightsaber (Power and Control)

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