Saberforge Bane MK1 (RT) Lightsaber Hilt full review RETIRED

Saberforge Bane MK1 (RT) is an aggressive, curved and clawed lightsaber hilt. The hilt I’m reviewing is Initiate Tier, meaning it’s an empty hilt without electronics and features dummy switches installed in the switch holes.

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The hilt features a metallic silver colored body that’s ‘bookended’ by a black emitter section and pommel. Saberforge made a few additional Saberforge Bane MK1 hilt styles with different color combinations (e.g. black body ‘bookended’ by a metallic silver emitter section and pommel).

Unlike many other Saberforge hilt pommels, the Saberforge Bane MK1 (RT) pommel slides over the top of the hilt, like a shroud, and two screws near the base secure the pommel to the hilt. The emitter section also slide over the top of the hilt, and attaches to the body with two screws. The screws must be removed in order to remove the pommel or the emitter section. The Bane MK1 (RT) pommel and emitter sections are not threaded.

The Bane MK1 is comprised of many pieces, and the hilt can be dismantled more than many other lightsaber hilts. The pommel and emitter shroud can be removed. The body’s middle section can also be disassembled into three piece: the two main metallic silver colored halves and the thin, black emitter claw segment. The emitter and pommel shrouds both fit snugly onto the body of the hilt. When you slide the emitter shroud off, there are a few scuffs and imperfections where the emitter shroud has rubbed against the body.

Some of the edges on the hilt are a bit sharp and pointy. The hilt also features a visible seam down the front along with an indented circle pattern. The grip section of the hilt uses five finger grooves (i.e. pistol grip style). The contoured grips would be comfortable with many sizes and shapes of hands, however, it’s possible that some lightsaber wielders may not find that the grooves conform well to their fingers.

Bane MK1 (RT), along with all of the other Bane MK1 series hilts, was retired in summer of 2018. Although the Bane MK1 series is out of production, Saberforge’s Bane MK2 series, which is an updated successor series, is currently available in the Saberforge store.

Saberforge Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

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