Covertec Clip Introduction: Wearing Your Lightsaber Hilt

The covertec clip is a simple, inexpensive and popular device for wearing a lightsaber hilt. Let’s take look at how a covertec clip and covertec wheel work and how they allow you to wear your lightsaber.

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A covertec wheel–which is also sometimes called covertec knob, is a small, flat cylindrical disc that attaches to your lightsaber hilt. Most people attach the covertec wheel at the bottom of the lightsaber near the pommel, although people occasionally place the covertec wheel in less conventional areas of the hilt.

A covetec clip is a simple plastic device that you clip to your belt or pants. When you want to wear a lightsaber with a covertec wheel, simply remove the blade of the lightsaber, press in both ends of the covertec clip, slide the covertec wheel into the center of the covertec clip, and release both ends. Now the covertec wheel is locked into the covertec clip and you can wear your lightsaber hilt wherever you want!

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