Vader’s Vault Relic Weathering Explained

Relic Weathering is the most extreme level of lightsaber weathering offered by the custom saber company Vader’s Vault. A lightsaber with Relic Weathering looks like an ancient antique with a heavily rusted appearance.

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Relic Weathering make a lightsaber look like an extremely old and neglected historical artifact, as if the lightsaber has been locked up inside an old trunk for a few hundred years or forgotten in the murky and unforgiving depths of the Dagobah swamp.

A lightsaber with Relic Weathering serves especially well as a realistic display piece. Consider the hilt may feel slightly rough in the hand due to its intentionally uneven, textured, aged finish.

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Here are several examples of Vader’s Vault lightsabers with Relic Weathering | IMAGE CREDIT Vader’s Vault

Cover image depicts Relic Weathering of Vader’s Vault custom sabers.

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