DC Sabers Sovran Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

DC Sabers Sovran Lightsaber

DC Sabers Sovran Lightsaber, a custom saber, is an original design featuring a scorched steel emitter shroud along with an overall weathered found parts design aesthetic. A limited first run of 10 hilts, the Sovran Lightsaber is available as an installed pixel saber with a Proffieboard v2.2 soundboard. DC Sabers began accepting pre-orders for Sovran … Read more

Quest Design Canada Lightsaber Stand with LED Lights Review | RGB remote

Quest Design Canada Lightsaber Stand with LED

Quest Design Canada makes a super cool custom Lightsaber Stand with LED Lights. Quest Design Canada is a Canada based Etsy store that sells high end, illuminated lightsaber stands along with lightsaber name plates and various prop replicas. Full disclosure, Quest Design Canada sent me this stand for free. Quest Design Canada Etsy Store affiliate … Read more

Quest Design Canada: LED Lightsaber Stands, Acrylic Stands and Display Plaques | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Quest Design Canada

Quest Design Canada (QDC) is a Canada based Etsy store [affiliate link] that offers a selection of high-end illuminated LED lightsaber stands and wall mounts, along with standard acrylic lightsaber stands (non-illuminated) and lightsaber display plaques/nameplates. Illuminated LED Lightsaber Stands and Wall MountsQuest Design Canada’s LED lightsaber stands and wall mounts, some of the most eye-catching and … Read more

Death Star Corridor Pattern and Lightsaber Design

Quest Design Canada lightsaber stand

The Death Star corridor pattern, sometimes called the Imperial corridor pattern or Star Wars light panels, serves as a distinctive and memorable backdrop to the lightsaber duel between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The Death Star corridor pattern is comprised of bright, rounded-off ‘light panels’ offset by … Read more