It’s a Wrap!: 3 Common Types of Wrap for Lightsaber Hilts

Adding a wrap to a lightsaber hilt grip section can make a lightsaber easier to handle and maneuver while enhancing the personality and charm of the hilt as well. Let’s examine 3 common types of wraps for lightsaber hilts.

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1. Leather Wrap for Lightsabers

A leather wrap (or faux leather wrap) is a one of the most durable, common and popular types of wraps for a lightsaber hilt. A leather wrap could be made using leather strips or a leather cord and may come in multiple colors and textures. Defconbird (eBay) [affiliate link] sells leather wrap strips cut specifically with lightsabers in mind. Many sabersmiths offer a leather wrap service as well.

defconbird lightsaber wrap
Ox Blood leather wrap from eBay seller defconbird | IMAGE CREDIT defconbird

2. Tsuka-ito (Japanese katana style wrap) for Lightsabers

Tsuka-ito is a Japanese katana style lightsaber hilt wrap. Tsuka-ito crisscrosses the wrap material around the lightsaber hilt, forming a series of diamonds under the wrap. Tsuka-ito may use silk, cotton or leather material. Saberforge offers a tsuka-ito as custom wrap service. Sabersmiths, including Ronin Custom Armory (Facebook), offer a tsuka-ito custom wrap service as well.

Ronin Custom Armory tsuka-ito lightsaber wrap
Custom leather tsuka-ito by Ronin Custom Amory | IMAGE CREDIT Ronin Custom Armory

3. Paracord Wrap for Lightsabers

Paracord, a lightweight general purpose nylon utility cord, can be wrapped around a lightsaber hilt. Compared to leather, paracord may be less expensive, less durable, and somewhat easy to wrap, depending on the desired design. Paracord comes in many colors and patterns. Saberforge offers a paracord tsuka-ito.

Saberforge paracord lightsaber wrap
Saberforge paracord wrap | IMAGE CREDIT Saberforge

Explore Other Wrap Options

There are many other possible lightsaber hilt wrap options, each with its own possible benefits and drawbacks, so try at your own risk! You could consider trying other possible handle wrap materials like electrical tape or wraps designed for tennis rackets, hockey sticks, tool handles, fishing rods, knives, etc.

How do you like to wrap your lightsaber hilt?

COVER IMAGE CREDIT defconbird (left) and Saberforge (right)
Image depicts a defconbird leather wrap (left) and Saberforge paracord tsuka-ito (right)

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