Saberforge Justicar Lightsaber Hilt Full Review (Graflex Tribute Saber)

Saberforge Justicar lightsaber hilt is a Graflex tribute lightsaber first released in 2016. Saberforge Justicar borrows several design elements from the classic Graflex lightsaber (i.e. Skywalker lightsaber), incorporating the details into Justicar’s original design. Saberforge discontinued Justicar in 2019.

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The standard finish features two-toned, predominantly metallic silver colored hilt with contrasting black lines, including thick vertical lines in the fluted grip section along with thin horizontal lines distributed throughout the hilt. An s-curve emitter tops the lightsaber hilt. An s-curve emitter is a version of a slanted emitter or angled emitter that’s commonly associated with the Graflex lightsaber.

The Saberforge Justicar emitter area includes several other Graflex inspired details while lacking a few others. The Graflex inspired details include: the small window in the top of the emitter section and two black circular indentations. The emitter section lacks: bunny ears (arguably the signature feature of a Graflex lightsaber), buttons in the emitter section (e.g. brass button, red button, glass eye, etc.), and lacks the brass pins in the indented black circles.

Moving down the hilt, the bottom of the emitter section has three thin, black grooves followed by a taper. The taper below the emitter section sharpy diverges from the Graflex lightsaber design, which doesn’t feature a taper anywhere in the hilt.

The middle of the hilt features two dummy switches (that could be removed and replaced with functional activation switches) and a decorative, short activation box. The activation box is shorter than a traditional activation box, but is about the same thickness. The activation box on the hilt is purely decorative. Consider if you’re using Justicar for lightsaber spinning or dueling, the activation box may get in your way and watch out for the corners as well.

The beautiful, anodized black, fluted grip section section contrasts the overall metallic silver color of the hilt. The bold, vertical black lines of the fluting serve as a subtle nod to the vertical t-track grips on the Graflex lightsaber. Below the grips, the lower part of the hilt features a Covertec wheel. Finally, a the vented pommel completes the look of the hilt with a few more thin, vertical, black grooves.

Overall, the Saberforge Justicar lightsaber hilt pays beautiful homage to the original Graflex lightsaber while exhibiting its own design flares and personality as well.

Saberforge Justicar Lightsaber on Etsy affiliate link

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