Lavish Lord of the Rings Lightsaber Goes Viral, Sells for £2000

A custom Lord of the Rings tribute lightsaber known as ‘Saber of Numenòr’ sold at auction for £2000 (the equivalent of about $2458) on May 9, 2020. The winning bidder is a lightsaber enthusiast in Illinois. The ornately decorated hilt, customized by Carl Danby of Vaults of Valhalla, is now reportedly the most expensive empty … Read more

Saberforge Prodigy Lightsaber Hilt Full Review | Graflex Tribute Saber

Saberforge Prodigy lightsaber (Graflex influenced)

Although the Saberforge Prodigy lightsaber hilt is an original lightsaber hilt by Saberforge, Prodigy exhibits some Graflex lightsaber elements and sensibilities including the signature bunny ears in the emitter section. The hilt design also mixes in pieces that are reminiscent of the Luke Skywalker ROTJ lightsaber and the Obi-Wan Kenobi prequel lightsaber. Saberforge Etsy Store … Read more

Saberforge Justicar Lightsaber Hilt Full Review (Graflex Tribute Saber)

Saberforge Justicar lightsaber

Saberforge Justicar lightsaber hilt is a Graflex tribute lightsaber first released in 2016. Saberforge Justicar borrows several design elements from the classic Graflex lightsaber (i.e. Skywalker lightsaber), incorporating the details into Justicar’s original design. Saberforge discontinued Justicar in 2019. Saberforge Justicar Lightsaber on Etsy affiliate link The standard finish features two-toned, predominantly metallic silver colored … Read more