What is a sabersmith? (Lightsaber Terminology)

A sabersmith is a lightsaber enthusiast who accepts commissions on custom lightsaber projects. A sabersmith may provide one or multiple lightsaber services including, but not limited to: one-off custom custom lightsaber builds from scratch, electronics installs, repairs, Force FX conversions, powder coating, weathering, etc.

A sabersmith is typically a skilled, small scale, individual artisan/technician rather than a large scale custom saber company like Ultrasabers or Saberforge. Typical sabersmith services range from technical (e.g. installs) to artistic (e.g. etching, engraving) to a blending of the two (e.g. one-off custom saber builds from scratch).

The price, duration and complexity of each custom lightsaber commission varies depending on the sabersmith and the project. Most sabersmiths specialize in only one or a few custom lightsaber services, but may partner with other sabersmiths on more complex projects.

Common sabersmith services include:
• anodizing
• conversion (Force FX lightsabers, Disney Parks lightsabers)
• create one-off lightsaber builds from scratch
• create one-off lightsaber parts (e.g. custom blade, chassis, name plate, sound font, etc)
• diagnostics and troubleshooting
• engraving (mechanical engraving or engraving by hand)
• etching (acid etching or laser etching)
• inlays
• installs and upgrades to electronics
• installing crystal chamber or crystal reveal
• adding leather wrap (or cotton wrap, faux leather wrap, etc.)
• repairs
• machining
• painting
• piping
• plating (e.g. nickel plating, chrome plating, etc.)
• polishing
• powder coating
• upgrades
• weathering

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