$10 Wood Lightsaber Review Luke ROTJ style from TheronThings

I purchased this Luke ROTJ style wooden lightsaber, which is called ‘Solid Wood Lightsaber’, from Etsy seller TheronThings [AFFILIATE LINK]. TheronThings, based in Canada, just started out in 2019 so it’s a pretty new store. TheronThings specializes in making STEM based wooden display pieces and toys (e.g. Solid Wood Lightsaber, BB8 Push Toy and Classic Rocket). ‘Solid Wood Lightsaber’ is currently the only lightsaber hilt design listed in the store.

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‘Solid Wood Lightsaber’ only cost about $10 USD (as of March 2019), plus shipping from Canada, which is a very affordable price point. The lightsaber is available in two types of wood: birch wood or beech wood. I selected birch wood, which is a few dollars cheaper than the beech wood version.

Solid Wood lightsaber
Size comparison of ‘Solid Wood Lightsaber’ (right) and aynranfan Graflex style lightsaber hilt (left)

The lightsaber hilt is made from a single, smooth and solid piece of wood. The hilt, which is full size, is about 1.8 inches in diameter and 10.5 inches long. Even though the hilt is solid wood, the full size birch wood version of ‘Solid Lightsaber Hilt’ only weighs about 6 ounces.

Theron Things also offers a slightly smaller children’s size and states that they have custom sizing available, so the seller may be able to scale the lightsaber hilt a bit larger or a bit smaller to suit your needs.

The lightsaber hilt makes a fine display piece or gift right out of the box, but the buyer could take on the hilt as a DIY project and customize the piece as well. Note that the emitter section of the hilt is solid, but the buyer could drill a hole in the emitter and attach some type of blade. Since the hilt is wood, the buyer could elect to paint the hilt or add a finish to the hilt as well.

‘Solid Wood Lightsaber’ from Etsy Seller Theron Things [AFFILIATE LINK]

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