Star Wars Force FX lightsabers

Star Wars Force FX lightsaber conversions: Basic vs Full

Since Star Wars Force FX lightsabers are not duel worthy out of the box, some lightsaber enthusiasts elect to convert their sabers into duel worthy lightsabers. The process is called a Force FX conversion can be applied to both Hasbro and Master Replicas Force FX lightsabers. There are two main types of Force FX conversions: a basic conversion and full conversion.

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Basic Force FX Conversion
The basic Force FX conversion entails removing the the blade from the lightsaber and installing an in-hilt LED and removable blade. Since every Force FX lightsaber is constructed a little differently, the complexity of even a basic Force FX conversion varies from lightsaber to lightsaber. A basic Force FX conversion keeps much of the original lightsaber internals, such as the sound board and speaker system, intact.

Full Force FX Conversion (Complete Overhaul)
A more complex Force FX conversion is a full gutting of the saber and a total overhaul of the electronics. In addition to installing an in-hilt LED, a more complex Force FX conversion involves upgrading the sound board, speaker systems, battery, and other internals with superior components.

Force FX Conversion Kits
The Custom Saber Shop sells Force FX conversion kits and lightsaber components, for those who wish to attempt a conversion themselves.  Other lightsaber enthusiasts commission a sabersmith to complete the conversion for them.

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