Kyberlight Releases 4 New Flat Lightsaber Blades: Belgian Blade, Viking Blade, Samurai Blade and Cutlass Blade

Custom saber manufacturer Kyberlight released 4 new flat lightsaber blades today: Belgian Blade, Viking Blade, Samurai Blade, Cutlass Blade.

To celebrate the release of the 4 new blades, Kyberlight is hosting blade sale for 15% off all blades (promo code: Kyberblades) [AFFILIATE LINK]. The sale includes the new Kyberlight blades, as well as the existing: standard Kyberlight Blade, Kyberlight Day Blade, and the Kyberlight Crackle Blade. The sale ends on September 5, 2018.

Kyberlight has previously launched 3 flat lightsaber blade designs in late April 2018, but quickly pulled the blades from production due to public backlash over the design similarity with existing Ripper Blades designs. The discontinued April 2018 Kyberlight flat blades had been called: Sting Blade, Samurai Blade, and Cutlass Blade. The Kyberlight flat lightsaber blades released in August 2018 differ in design from the controversial, discontinued Kyberlight blades from April 2018.

Ripper Blades is known in the lightsaber community for pioneering the flat lightsaber blade. In recent years, other custom saber manufacturers, including Kyberlight, have starting making and selling their own flat lightsaber blades as well.

Kyberlight lightsaber blades [AFFILIATE LINK]

Ripper Blades on Etsy [AFFILIATE LINK]

IMAGE CREDIT: Kyberlight

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