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The Starfall Sabers Imperial Knight lightsaber has been released. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the Imperial Knight lightsaber. The metal hilt is available as an empty hilt (no electronics). Electronics upgrades are available as well. Like other Starfall Sabers lightsabers, the handmade Imperial Knight has a ‘found parts’ design sensibility and is not mass produced.

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The Starfall Sabers Imperial Knight lightsaber is a handmade hilt comprised primarily of aluminum. A slanted emitter gives the hilt an angled profile. A series of thin horizontal grooves encircle the upper hilt body. A shroud with an ovoid cutout encases the grip section of the hilt. The shroud cutout reveals a tarnished/distressed grip section below. The hilt diameter narrows slightly at the bottom.

Since Starfall Sabers lightsaber are handmade, there may be some slight variation from hilt to hilt. Additionally, Starfall Sabers can be customized and made to order.

Starfall Sabers Etsy Store affiliate link

Starfall Sabers, operated by Nick Cohen, is a United States based custom saber maker. The company specializes in artistic, handmade one-of-one custom hilts and a small selection of specific hilts.

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