14 Lightsaber Blade Plugs You Should Know About

A lightsaber blade plug is a small, cylindrical piece that may be installed in a lightsaber blade socket when the blade is removed. A blade plug, which may range from basic to ornate in design, completes the look of a lightsaber hilt. Let’s look at the offerings of 14 different blade plug sellers. Which one is your favorite?

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1. 3DSabers

Diameter: 1 inch or 7/8 inch
Type: for custom sabers
Location: United States

3DSabers offers a wide selection of blade plug designs. The custom designs are 3D printed, sanded, and painted. A sealer coat is applied as well. Some designs feature familiar logos from a galaxy far, far away. Other logo designs are inspired by other pop culture franchises. The company makes non-logo designs as well (e.g. Turbine and Reactor inspired designs). Full disclosure, 3DSabers previously sent me a few of their blade plugs for free to review.

3DSabers blade plugs
3DSabers lightsaber blade plugs | IMAGE CREDIT 3DSabers

2. Outer Rim Sabers

Diameter: 1 inch or 7/8 inch
Type: for custom sabers (not neopixel compatible)
Location: United States

Although Outer Rim Sabers currently only makes one lightsaber blade plug design, The Flame blade plug knows how to stand out in a crowd. The 3D printed blade plug design resembles of flame at the top (the design also looks a bit like a crystal or an ice chunk).

The Flame blade plug pairs well with a variety of lightsaber hilt designs and may serve as decorative quillons (i.e. side blades) on Kylo Ren style crossguard sabers. Outer Rim Sabers also sells Flame Blade Tips that lightsaber enthusiasts may attach on the end of a lightsaber blade. Full disclosure, Outer Rim Sabers previously sent me some stands and blade plugs to review.

Outer Rim Saber The Flame blade plug
Outer Rim Sabers The Flame blade plug | IMAGE CREDIT Outer Rim Sabers

3. RockyMountain3DPrint

Diameter: 1.1 inch (1 inch diameter or other diameters upon request)
Type: for Galaxy’s Edge lightsabers (or custom sabers upon request)
Location: United States

RockyMountain3DPrint makes, you guessed it, 3D printed blade plugs! Many of the designs are inspired by logos/emblems from the movies and from Savi’s Workshop themes. The company also offers to put 1-3 letters of text on the blade plug cap. By default, the blade plugs taper to 1.1 inches (sized to fit Galaxy’s Edge lightsabers from Savi’s Workshop or Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities), however, the seller will create 1 inch blade plugs or other diameters upon request.

RockyMountain3DPrint blade plugs
RockyMountain3DPrint blade plugs (various designs) | IMAGE CREDIT RockyMountain3DPrint

4. Black Bear Salvage

Diameter: 1 inch or 7/8 inch
Type: for custom sabers (neopixel upgrade available)
Location: United States

Black Bear Salvage specializes in custom blade plugs made with found parts. Black Bear Salvage blade plugs have a rustic, “lived-in universe” vibe that may particularly complement weathered hilts and Original Trilogy style hilts. Since the blade plugs are made using salvaged material, the available designs may vary and rotate over time.

Black Bear Salvage
BlackBearSalvage blade plugs | IMAGE CREDIT BlackBearSalvage

5. defconbird and tmsh1210

Diameter: 1 inch (defconbird) 7/8 inch (tmsh1210)
Type: for custom sabers
Location: United States

Defconbird and his nephew tmsh1210 make high quality turbine style blade plugs and blade plugs with a mechanical inspired design. Some of the blade plugs feature a glow core, which is a glow in the dark acrylic rod. Many of the designs have a metal outer ring and metal in-set components. Full disclosure, defconbird previously sent me some blade plugs to review.

defconbird blade plugs | IMAGE CREDIT defconbird

6. Force Ghost Sabers

Diameter: 1 inch
Type: for custom sabers
Location: United States

Force Ghost Sabers makes a series of blade plugs with a resin-printed cap that is painted silver. The designs have a symmetrical appearance. Many of the blade plugs resemble industrial turbines or reactors. Force Ghost Sabers also sells the unpainted caps that the buyer may paint and attach to their own blade stock.

Force Ghost Sabers blade plugs
Force Ghost Sabers lightsaber blade plugs | IMAGE CREDIT Force Ghost Sabers

7. The Custom Saber Shop and KR Sabers

Diameter: 1 inch and 7/8 inch
Type: for custom sabers
Location: United States (The Custom Saber Shop), United Kingdom (KR Sabers)

The Custom Saber Shop sells one of the most affordable blade plugs called “1” hilt safety plug” and blade plugs with laser-cutout logos on the top. The company also sells blade plugs designed for specific character hilts, like the “hilt safety plug style 3” (a Graflex/Skywalker lightsaber style blade plug). The character hilt blade plugs are made by the UK based custom saber company KR Sabers and are also available in the KR Sabers store, which is called The Saber Armory.

The Custom Saber Shop blade plugs | IMAGE CREDIT The Custom Saber Shop

8. Saberforge

Diameter: 1 inch
Type: for custom sabers
Location: United States

Saberforge offers an assortment of blade plugs. Some blade plugs have a metal cap while other blade plugs have a laser cut acrylic cap with a silver or brass color. Some of the blade plugs feature a symmetrical, turbine or reactor style design. Others feature logos.

Saberforge blade plugs | IMAGE CREDIT Saberforge

9. JarJarSithCustoms

Diameter: 1 inch
Type: for custom sabers
Location: France

Based in France, JarJarSithCustoms makes several variations of turbine blade plugs. The company also offers to make a custom design tailored to the ideas of the buyer. JarJarSithCustoms, a relative newcomer to Etsy, opened their Etsy store in 2021.

JarJarSithCustoms turbine blade plugs | IMAGE CREDIT JarJarSithCustoms

10. Sabertrio

Diameter: 1 inch
Type: for custom sabers
Location: Malaysia

Sabertrio makes two blade plug types: Reactor and Brass Pin. Both are machined from acrylic and use a metal cap. The blade plug exude a simple, elegant, and classic aesthetic that would complement many lightsaber hilt styles. Attach the Sabertrio Neo Chip (sold separately) to the blade plugs to make them neopixel compatible.

Sabertrio Reactor and Brass Pin lightsaber blade plugs | IMAGE CREDIT Sabertrio

11. Darkside Engineering

Diameter: 1 inch
Type: for custom sabers
Location: United States

Darkside Engineering make a product line of razor blade plugs incorporate a rotary shaver head into the design. Darkside Engineering blade plugs are high quality and boast a realistic, industrial sensibility. The rotary shaver head allows light to shine through thin slots, creating a turbine or reactor appearance.

In January 2021 the company stated they are not currently accepting orders because they are sourcing parts. The company said they intend to get blade plug production ramped up again soon.

Darkside Engineering blade plugs (various models) | IMAGE CREDIT Darkside Engineering

12. Vire Sabers

Diameter: 1 inch
Type: for custom sabers
Location: United States

Vire Sabers sells an acrylic transparent blue blade plug and an acrylic transparent red blade plug. Both blade plugs are a very simple and clean design. The blue blade plug works best with a blue in-hilt LED and the red blade plug works best with a red in-hilt LED.

Vire Sabers acrylic transparent blue and red lightsaber blade plugs
Vire Sabers basic acrylic blade plugs | IMAGE CREDIT Vire Sabers

13. FoxstarSaberArtifice

Diameter: 1 inch
Type: for custom sabers
Location: United States

FoxstarSaberArtifice offers blade plugs with an aluminum cap and a PVC blade stock body. Most designs are symmetrical with a reactor/turbine style sensibility. The blade plugs feature various powder coating color options. By default, the blade plugs are shipped without glue, but the seller will glue the cap to the blade stock body upon request.

FoxStarSaberArtifice blade plugs
FoxstarSaberArtifice blade plugs | IMAGE CREDIT FoxstarSaberArtifice

14. AtomSabers

Diameter: 1 inch
Type: for custom sabers
Location: Spain

Atom Sabers only sells one lightsaber blade plug design. The simple and elegant Prequel Trilogy style design features a machined aluminum cap that is attached to a polycarbonate housing. AtomSabers sells the blade plug in a quantity of 2.

AtomSabers blade plugs
Atom Sabers blade plug | IMAGE CREDIT Atom Sabers

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