defconbird: Saber Bags, Blade Plugs and Leather Wrap | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

defconbird saber bag and blade plugs

defconbird is a United States based eBay seller that specializes custom lightsaber accessories including: saber bags, blade plugs and leather wrap. defconbird, an eBay member since 2002, has earned a feedback score of over 13,000. Blade Plugs [Find defconbird blade plugs on eBay AFFILIATE LINK]Many defconbird blade plugs have a mechanical appearance with a turbine or … Read more

REVIEW defconbird Custom Saber Bag Full Review | Lightsaber Storage

defconbird saber bag

A popular item by eBay seller defconbird is his Custom Saber Bag, which protects and stores custom lightsaber hilts. Although I purchased this saber bag myself, I’ve gotten some blade plugs for free from defconbird to review (just a small disclaimer/disclosure). defconbird on eBay affiliate link The Custom Saber Bag is a drawstring storage … Read more