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defconbird is a United States based eBay seller that specializes custom lightsaber accessories including: saber bags, blade plugs and leather wrap. defconbird, an eBay member since 2002, has earned a feedback score of over 13,000.

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Blade Plugs [Find defconbird blade plugs on eBay AFFILIATE LINK]
Many defconbird blade plugs have a mechanical appearance with a turbine or reactor style design. Blade plugs by defconbird are comprised of a polycarbonate shaft and acrylic core topped with metal components (e.g. aluminum, brass, stainless steel, etc.). Some defconbird blade plugs use a glow core, which enables part of the blade plug to glow in the dark. defconbird currently sells static blade plugs only (no neopixel blade plugs).

Saber Bags [Find defconbird saber bags on eBay AFFILIATE LINK]
defconbird is one of the few sellers to create saber bags intended to protect and store individual lightsaber hilts. Saber bags by defconbird can be highly customized, with multiple material, color, and logo options available. The standard size of the sabers bags is 15 inches long and 4.5 inches wide, but defconbird can make other sizes by request.

The exterior is made of a heavy outer bag material (canvas or faux leather) and the interior is lined with a soft fleece material. A paracord drawstring and bead close and secure the hilt inside the bag. defconbird offers many color options for: exterior material, interior fleece, and paracord drawstring. Many logo options are available as well and defconbird accommodates custom logo or crest requests.

defconbird Blade Roll [Find defconbird blade roll on eBay AFFILIATE LINK]
defconbird sells a custom blade roll bag. The blade roll bag, which is made of a black flannel suede material, is designed with 8 individual blade pockets to store and transport lightsaber blades. The blade roll is about 38 inches by 25 inches.

defconbird Leather Wrap for lightsabers [Find defconbird leather wrap on eBay AFFILIATE LINK]
defconbird is a common source for a variety of leather wrap styles for lightsabers. The eBay store offers over 20 different colors/textures of leather wrap. The leather wrap is made of genuine cowhide. The leather strips are cut and sized specifically for application to lightsaber hilts. Each leather wrap is: 1 inch in diameter, 48 inches long, and 1/32 inch thick.

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Visit defconbird’s eBay store [AFFILIATE LINK]

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  1. Hi my name is Kerry Egbert I bought one of your saver bags for my brother I love it but due to some of my afflictions it’s easier to talk in person so here’s my number 208-312-8993 please call me I would like to design two more

    • Hi Kerry, you will need to contact the vendor directly. I am not the creator of the product, I have just written about the saber bags on this website.


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