What is a lightwhip? (Lightsaber Terminology)

A lightwhip, sometimes called a laser whip or energy whip, is a rare and non-standard variation of a lightsaber. No longer part of Star Wars Canon, the lightwhip appears primarily in Star Wars Legends comics and books. Notable Star Wars characters that wield a lightwhip include: Githany, Silri and Lumiya.

The lightwhip employs a flexible ‘whip’ blade longer than most fixed, straight lightsaber blades. Like other lightsabers, lightwhips come in multiple colors.

Lightwhips are rarely manufactured by custom saber companies or sabersmiths and are not duel worthy. Custom saber company Saberforge manufactures a lightwhip called “Light Whip Blade”. The Saberforge Light Whip Blade uses a blade socket (i.e. blade plug). The blade socket attaches to lightsaber hilts designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade.

Amazon also offers a variety of fiber optic whip toys intended for parties, dances, raves, concerts, etc. Although the fiber optic whips on Amazon are not lightsabers, they are similar in appearance and may be able to be used as a cosplay accessory.

Fiber Optic Whip Toys on Amazon [AFFILIATE LINK]

Saberforge Light Whip Blade

COVER IMAGE CREDIT: Saberforge (left) and GloxFX (right)
image depicts Saberforge Light Whip Blade (left) and GloFX Space Whip Pro (right)

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