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A popular item by eBay seller defconbird is his Custom Saber Bag, which protects and stores custom lightsaber hilts. Although I purchased this saber bag myself, I’ve gotten some blade plugs for free from defconbird to review (just a small disclaimer/disclosure).

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The Custom Saber Bag is a drawstring storage and protection bag for custom lightsaber hilts. Ebay seller defconbird offers a ton of customizing options on the bag including: material, colors, design, logos, etc.The bag is simple in design, but effective and attractive. The two-layer bag uses a cloth or leather exterior and a thick, fleece-lined interior that serves as both padding and a soft, protective layer that helps protect the hilt from scratches or scuffs.

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The bag, which is 15 inches long and 4.5 inches wide, is sized to accommodate most standard lightsaber hilts, even some of the larger Ultrasabers hilt models like 13 inch long The Guardian. Finally, the bag cinches closed at the top with a spiral knot and closer bead.

Defconbird is well-known in the saber community for selling custom saber bags, along with a wide variety of blade plugs and leather wrap for lightsabers.

defconbird on eBay affiliate link

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