Outer Rim Sabers: Custom Sabers, Flame Blade Plug, Saber Stands (Lightsaber Company Spotlight)

Outer Rim Sabers (ORS) [AFFILIATE LINK] is a United States based custom saber company on Etsy. Outer Rim Sabers sells: custom lightsabers, stands, mounts, lightsaber electronics kits, and Flame blade plug and crossguard flames. Outer Rim Sabers also recently added STL design files to their store for lightsaber stands and wall mounts.

Disclaimer: Outer Rims Sabers has sent me multiple blade plugs and stands for free in order for me to review them (see SaberSourcing’s Outer Rim Sabers reviews).

Most of the Outer Rim Sabers lightsabers in the Etsy store fall within a budget friendly price range of around $100 to $199.

The Flame Blade Plug, a popular and long-standing item in the store, is notable for its distinct and memorable design. The blade plug, which is 3D printed, gives the appearance of a flame (or ice chunk or crystal, depending on your point of view) jutting out of the emitter of the lightsaber hilt.

Outer Rim Sabers first launched their Etsy store in 2016.

Outer Rim Sabers Etsy Store

COVER IMAGE: The Flame Blade Plug by Outer Rim Sabers

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