6 Common Reasons People Get Rid of Lightsabers

People get rid of lightsabers for just about as many reasons that they purchase lightsabers. Let’s look at 6 common reasons people get rid of lightsabers.

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1. Want to Upgrade to a Better Lightsaber
Some lightsaber enthusiasts get rid of old lightsabers or first lightsabers in order to upgrade to a nicer or more advanced lightsaber. For example, some lightsabers enthusiasts are selling off in-hilt LED lightsabers in order to upgrade to a neopixel lightsaber.

2. Don’t Want to Fix a Broken Lightsaber
Some people can’t or don’t want to bother fixing a broken lightsaber, so they sell it off to someone willing to fix it. The person selling a broken lightsaber will likely sell the saber at a loss.

3. Too Busy to Install Electronics
Lightsaber enthusiasts often purchase empty hilts with the good intention of installing electronics. When life gets busy, the unfinished install project collects dust, and the lightsaber enthusiast may ultimately decide to simply sell off the empty hilt. 

4. Funding an Unexpected Life Expense
Life happens and sometimes people need to sell off a lightsaber to get some quick cash to pay for an unexpected expense (i.e. car repair, medical expenses, etc.). Since lightsabers can sell for a few hundred dollars or more each, selling off one or several lightsabers

5. Loss of Interest in the Hobby
As with any hobby, a lightsaber enthusiast can simply lose interest in collecting lightsabers and decide to sell off most or all of their collection.

6. Desire for Lightsaber Variety
Some lightsaber enthusiasts are constantly looking to refresh their collection: out with the old, in with the new. Like anyone, most lightsaber enthusiasts, are on a limited budget so selling off an existing lightsaber can help fund a brand new and exiting lightsaber purchase.

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Have you gotten rid of a lightsaber? Why did you choose to get rid of the lightsaber?

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