Etsy Lightsabers and Parts: What You Should Know

Etsy is a popular e-commerce website that emphasizes handmade, artisan, and vintage items. Many custom saber companies, both large and small, sell lightsabers, accessories, parts and services on Etsy. Search Etsy for lightsabers and accessories.

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Etsy custom sabers, stands, accessories
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1. Etsy Platform: Buyer Protection, Security and Easy of Use
Since Etsy is a large and popular buying platform, using the Etsy platform to purchase lightsabers and lightsaber parts can streamline the buying process and increase the buyer’s confidence in the transaction. Signing into one Etsy account allows the buyer to access dozens of sellers on the trusted and established Etsy selling platform. By comparison, it can be frustrating in some cases less secure to purchase lightsabers and parts from unfamiliar, third-party websites. The Etsy feedback system can also give buyers a sense of the seller’s quality of customer service.

2. Etsy Lightsaber Stores May Have Limited Selection (sometimes)
In addition to selling on Etsy, some custom saber companies also sell products and services on Facebook, Instagram or on their own website. If the custom saber company sells products or services on other platforms or websites, sometimes the Etsy store will contain a much more limited selection than the other websites. For example, Saberforge, the custom saber company with the widest selection of lightsabers on its website, only sells some of its products in its Etsy store. Salt Lake Saber Co, by comparison, primarily sells lightsabers through their Etsy store.

3. Etsy Lightsaber Stores May Have Limited Customizing Options (sometimes)
If you’re looking for highly customized lightsaber or lightsaber parts, it’s usually better to find the seller’s website or Facebook page, if they have one or both of these. Custom lightsaber companies often drastically limit customizing options.

4. Etsy Store vs. The Custom Saber Company Website: Prices, Sales, and Shipping Charges May Differ
Sometimes the prices, sales and shipping charges are different on Etsy than they are elsewhere. For example, Saberforge rarely offers sales or discounts in their Etsy store, but frequently hosts sales on their website. Sometimes shipping charges in an a Etsy store are structured differently than on another website.

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A Few Major Custom Saber Etsy Stores
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ACLightsabers (Etsy) Malaysia
DC Sabers (Etsy) United Kingdom
ForceRelics (Etsy) Belgium
Force Sabers UK (Etsy) United Kingdom
Lux Sabers (Etsy) France
One Replicas (Etsy) Spain
Quest Designs Canada (Etsy) Canada stands
Ripper Blades (Etsy) United States blades
Rogue Arsenal (Etsy) United States
Saberforge (Etsy) United States
Sabertrio (Etsy) Malaysia
Salt Lake Saber Co (Etsy) United States
Starfall Sabers (Etsy) United States

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