6 Common Reasons People Get Rid of Lightsabers

lightsaber from various companies

People get rid of lightsabers for just about as many reasons that they purchase lightsabers. Let’s look at 6 common reasons people get rid of lightsabers. 1. Want to Upgrade to a Better LightsaberSome lightsaber enthusiasts get rid of old lightsabers or first lightsabers in order to upgrade to a nicer or more advanced lightsaber. … Read more

Gutting a Lightsaber: Top 4 Reasons for Removing Internals

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Gutting a lightsaber is the process of removing all of the internal components or ‘guts’ (i.e. electronics, chassis, batteries, etc) from a lightsaber hilt. Here are the top 4 reasons sabersmiths and lightsaber enthusiasts gut a lightsaber. 1. Gutting a Lightsaber to Create an Empty Cosplay Prop or Display HiltA broken, inexpensive or outdated lightsaber … Read more

How Ultrasabers Uses Windows in the Emitter on Lightsabers

Ultrasbers windows in the emitter

Windows in the emitter are a popular lightsaber hilt design feature offered by Ultrasabers. Windows in the emitter are small cutout sections near the emitter area of a lightsaber hilt that allow light from the LED to shine through. Ultrasabers uses several different designs of windows in the emitter, depending on the hilt. Some Ultrasabers … Read more