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Solo’s Hold is a United States based custom lightsaber company that specializes mainly in empty hilts. The empty hilts are often released as limited runs, sometimes micro runs, and the hilt designs will often be inspired by lightsabers from the movies or other Star Wars media.

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Some current Solo’s Hold limited runs include: Blind Knight (a Kanus Jarrus style hilt), Rebel Orphan (an Ezra Bridger style hilt), Luke ROTJ V2, and Force Witch (an Asajj Ventress style hilt). Corran Horn and Snips (Ahsoka Tano style hilt) are now sold out as of December 2018. Solo’s Hold had also previously released TFU2 (a Starkiller style hilt) and a hilt called Padawan, which was not inspired by a hilt design from the movies or media.

Although Solo’s Hold primarily releases limited runs of empty hilts, the company sometimes releases installed hilts as well. Solo’s Hold also sells some lightsaber accessories and DIY components, high-end lightsaber stands, and some blasters.

The company Goth-3Design creates chassis designed to work with specific Solo’s Hold lightsabers hilts.

Solo’s Hold

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