NerfworXlab Darkstar Lightsaber Unveiled | New Saber Alert

Solo's Hold Darkstar custom saber (Darksaber inspired)

The NerfworXlab Darkstar lightsaber has been unveiled. The flat-hilt, custom saber is inspired by the design of the legendary black-bladed Darksaber. A flat blade will be available as well (sold separately). Darkstar is available as an empty hilt (assembled, uninstalled). Darkstar is designed specifically as an install friendly hilt for neopixel configurations. The hilt is … Read more

Solo’s Hold Corran Horn Lightsaber Full Review | Speeder Bike Handle

Solo's Hold Corran Horn Marverick lightsaber

This is a Solo’s Hold Corran Horn lightsaber. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘Maverick’. The Corran Horn lightsaber was limited edition and is out of production. Corran Horn inspired lightsabers have developed a cult following among lightsaber enthusiasts due to popularity of the Corran Horn character (who is now part of Star Wars Legends) as … Read more

Solo’s Hold: Empty hilts and limited runs | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Solo's Hold custom Corran Horn lightsaber

Solo’s Hold is a United States based custom lightsaber company that specializes mainly in empty hilts. The empty hilts are often released as limited runs, sometimes micro runs, and the hilt designs will often be inspired by lightsabers from the movies or other Star Wars media. Watch Solo’s Hold: Empty hilts and limited runs (Lightsaber … Read more

Solo’s Hold Padawan Empty Lightsaber Hilt | full review

Solo's Hold Padawan lightsaber hilt

This is a Solo’s Hold Padawan empty lightsaber hilt. It’s made of aluminum and is very lightweight, short (only about 9.5 inches long) and thin in diameter. The hilt’s low profile makes Padawan a shoto lightsaber, which could be an appropriate size for kids or people with smaller hands. The hilt could also make a … Read more